Add AltTextBot to your server! - Source code - Docker image

Tentative deprecation notice

In Q3 of this year, Discord plans to debut their own alt-text functionality! Depending on the robustness of this functionality, AltTextBot may or may not continue to operate.

If we determine that Discord's implementation of alt-text is versatile enough, we're shutting down AltTextBot, though the source code will remain available.


AltTextBot is a Javacord bot for Discord, designed to reduce message clutter associated with image alt-text.

This bot utilizes Discord's blocked user functionality to create collapsible alt-text. Users who wish to view alt-text by default can keep AltTextBot unblocked.


  1. Add the bot to a server using this link:
  2. Post an image you'd like to add alt-text underneath.
  3. Post your alt-text as a separate message with the format !alt [alt-text] (no brackets).
  4. AltTextBot will replace your message with its own copy. Block AltTextBot to make this copy collapsible.

Other commands

AltTextBot displaying a top-five leaderboard embed of alt-text contributors. The ranks are signified by various emojis.

Bot acting up?

Message Kube [hashtag] six four nine one on Discord with a description of the issue.