Team Fortress 2 - The Heavy Metal Update. It's Heavy's time in the spotlight. Pyro's out of town. It's time for our favorite class to steal the show. [Two guitars, one red and one blue, floating behind a stage curtain.] Rising from the dead is metal, right? We thought so. Finally out of beta! Feel the heat on... Cactus Canyon. [A screenshot of the payload map Cactus Canyon, desert-detailed and featuring a floating speed powerup.] Menu Update. Are you bad at this game? No? Cut out the bravado. We have your playtime statistics. You may act tough. You aren't. It looks like what you need is a change in approach. Can't make your way through a difficult choke? Struggling to put points on the leaderboard? It's time for some change, ya doofus. We've updated the menus of Team Fortress to facilitate switching between strategies. Need a new weapon? Switch loadouts via the nifty new radial menu, in spawn or on the fly. Still dying, even after trying out multiple strategies? We've bound the "Leave Server" function to the END key. [A new weapon radial menu below the class switcher.] One of TF2's most popular maps, reimagined! The result of multiple years of stringent playtesting. Get ready to shred on... Pass Viaduct. [Viaduct's snowy spawnroom with a Passtime goalpost plastered on top.] Metal Metamorphasis. Rockin' times call for rockin' balance patches. And we've got just the patch to rock your socks off. The Second Banana is dumb! That's what our analytics geeks are telling us - no one uses the item. As it turns out, carrying a fruit around for health is just stupid. The banana is the deadliest fruit. Difficult to consume and comically destructive... it's a horrible mix. We've maximized the destruction capacity of the All-Powerful Plantain. We call our invention the First Banana. Owners of the Second Banana will be gifted this First Banana when they boot up the game. The Second Banana will be gone from their backpacks, to be forgotten. Now please, stop sending us hate mail. [Weapon stats for the First Banana, a banana shoved in the barrel of a Level 10 Shotgun. Primary fire: launches a banana projectile. Secondary fire: Launches a banana peel that briefly stuns enemies. Negative stat: -80% firing speed. Also shown is an unwrapped TF2 gift icon.] In-game viewport for our public level editor! [A screenshot of the Hammer Editor. The top-left 3D View is replaced with an in-game view of CP Badlands. The Editor's layout is wholly unconventional, with multiple 3D Views, and the Ladder texture selected.] Heavy learns the power of metal! Heavy Rocks. [The two floating guitars from earlier, decorating the text.] Changelog. General. Added maps pl_cactuscanyon and pass_viaduct. Updated weapon/class switch interface and key shortcuts. Updated the Hammer Editor to support Rendered Shaded mode. Map Changes. Decreased respawn time for defenders on cp_powerhouse. Added clipping to the open roofs on koth_nucleus. Increased atmospheric fog on pl_thundermountain. Fixed the long-broken explosion finale effect on cp_foundry. Added sway to all foliage props on cp_mercenarypark. ctf_hellfire is now rotationally symmetrical. Multi-class. Added secondary fire (M2) to the Shotgun, which fires two rounds at once, with bullets that travel at twice the normal speed. Disabled random crits on the Frying Pan. Made the Sun-on-a-Stick available to all classes. Improved performance while taunting. Heavy. Switched out the Second Banana for the First Banana. Added carrying straps to all minigun models. Tweaked bullet spray pattern for the Brass Beast. Added gibs corresponding to a held Sandvich, for when the Heavy is killed while holding a Sandvich. Decreased attack interval of the Fists of Steel from 0.8 seconds to a realistic 5.0 seconds. Pyro. Decreased base movement speed by 50%. Decreased fire rate of the Flame Thrower from server tick to 1.5 seconds. Decreased the speed of the Dragon's Fury fireballs by five times. Pyro is now a bad class. We hate any and all Pyro mains. Volvo Logo, the company's name in a rectangle. Copyright Volvo Corporation, all rights reserved. Volvo, the Volvo logo, Steam, the Steam logo, Team Fortress, the Team Fortress logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Volvo Corporation.